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Red Himalayan Lump Rock Salt

Item number: Red Himalayan Lump Rock Salt


Nature's way of supplying sodium chloride and trace mineral elements, hand sourced from Pakistan and supplied in lump form as a self-lick. Netted bag lumps typically 5-8kg a piece, loose lumps typically 10-30kg each. Please note that up to 10% may be smaller lumps than advised due to transport, handling and re-handling the goods.

Nutritional Attributes

Supplying your cattle with lump rock salt has many links to metabolism, and typically they will regulate themselves and only take when they have a requirement. General signs of shortfall are poor feed conversion, reduced reproduction through poor fertility in males, loss of appetite and weight loss, lack lustre eyes/poor coat, reduced growth/ill thrift, licking stones or urine.

Inclusion Rate

Cattle 50-70 g/h/d

Storage and Handling

Store in a cool dry place and follow manual handling guidelines when handling

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Product Specification

Calcium (% DM) 0,14
Magnesium (% DM) 0,06


Salt (% DM) 99,17