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Item number: Lucerne


Lucerne is a product obtained by drying and milling young Lucerne. It is a green to brown meal or pellet. It may contain up to 20% young clover or other forage crops dried and milled at the same time as lucerne.

Nutritional Attributes

Lucerne is a good protein and digestible fibre source for ruminants. Quality varies with the stage of harvest of the crop and processing. Good source of undegradable protein and some vitamins e.g. beta carotene.

Inclusion Rate

Storage and Handling

Lucerne is available in 25kgs, tote bags and bulk. It should be stored in a cool, dry place. Shelf life 12 months. If storing longer than 12 months the Carotene value may be reduced. Material to have been stored in compliance with MAFF Code of Practice for the Control of Salmonella.
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Product Specification

Dry Matter (%) 92
Crude Protein (% DM) 13 to 21
Energy (MJ/kg DM) 10
Oil B (% DM) 2 to 3
Crude Fibre (% DM) 16 to 32
Neutral Detergent Fibre (% DM) 47,2
Crude Ash (% DM) 11,1
Starch (% DM) 4,2
Sugar (% DM) 4,6
Calcium (% DM) 1,9
Phosphorus (% DM) 0,37
Magnesium (% DM) 0,36


Sodium (% DM) 0,16
Potassium (% DM) 1,9
Copper (mg/kg DM) 7,8
Manganese (mg/kg DM) 39,7
Selenium (mg/kg DM) 0,03
Zinc (mg/kg DM) 27,1
MELK 744
Milk Yield Potential 1
TDP 101
Digestible Protein 2
RFC 125
Rumen Health Risk 1