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Item number: Lintec


Lintec is an exclusive to ForFarmers, a specific variety of linseed. High in Omega-3 fatty acids, that are thermo extruded to produce a unique feed for dairy cows. Similar in quality to spring grass which can improve production, health and fertility. Lintec is a free flowing meal and can be fed as a TMR or through the trough.

Nutritional Attributes

Lintec has the following benefits: Contains high levels of Linolenic acid (Omega-3 fatty acid) which helps to enhance energy efficiency, health and fertility. The increased supply of unsaturated fat reduces methane losses and therefore energy wasted in the rumen (as methane). Can help improve cow health by maintaining energy supply whilst reducing acid loading in the rumen. High levels of starch and sugar result in a greater production of lactic acid and volatile fatty acids (VFAs), stabilising rumen pH and reducing risk of acidosis. Increased pH improves fibre digestion and yield. Can significantly improve fertility by inhibiting prostaglandin production and increasing progesterone produced by the cow. Can improve egg numbers/cow, total embryonic mortality and success rates at 1st insemination.

Inclusion Rate

Dairy 0.5-1 kg/head/day.

Storage and Handling

Lintec is available in 25kg bags and 1t tote bags. It is also available an an ingredient in our Compound and Blends ranges. Packed product should be stored in a dry place around 20°C under GMP + FSA conditions and protected against direct sunlight. Shelf life 365 days after production date under these storage conditions.
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Product Specification

Dry Matter (%) 90,0
Crude Protein (% DM) 18,0
Energy (MJ/kg DM) 17,9
Oil B (% DM) 25,0


Neutral Detergent Fibre (% DM) 24,5
MELK 1295
TDP 176

11/12/2023 00:00:00