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Full Fat Soya

Item number: Full Fat Soya


Full Fat Soya is produced from soya beans which have been dehulled and heat treated to produce a high oil, high protein product.

Nutritional Attributes

A high oil and protein feed and commonly used in young animal diets, the heat from processing reduces the anti-nutritional factors which might reduce protein digestion.

Inclusion Rate

Storage and Handling

Dry cool and dark storage. Good shelf life on average approximately one year. When handling, always ensure the work area has adequate ventilation.
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Product Specification

Dry Matter (%) 88
Crude Protein (% DM) 40,9
Energy (MJ/kg DM) 16,7
Oil B (% DM) 21
Crude Fibre (% DM) 3,5


Neutral Detergent Fibre (% DM) 11,4
Crude Ash (% DM) 6,6
Starch (% DM) 5,5
Sugar (% DM) 10