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Butterlac C16

Item number: Butterlac C16


Butterlac is exclusive to ForFarmers. A 100% vegetable fat which is a safe and sustainable energy source for ruminants i.e dairy cattle, goats and sheep that will increase butterfat content while having a positive effect on milk yield. Supports animal vitality and is highly paletable and rumen resistant. Butterlac is produced in the Netherlands, available in micro prills, which have a powdery appearance, but are more free flowing which results in a reduction of dust, improved processing and no lumping. Made from the highest quality palm fatty acids (>95% FFA), consisting of mostly saturated fatty acids, C16 (81%) and has high mettler dropping point (melting point) >58°C, which means it does not interfere with rumen activity and is highly absorbed into the digestive system of ruminants and provides more than double the energy value of carbohydrates and proteins helping to supplement the high energy demand during the early lactation period. The improved digestiblity reduces the risk of ketosis and fatty liver. Butterlac has a neutral smell, better uptake and palatablity in comparison to calcium soap fats, as well as hydrogenated or chemically distilled alternatives.

Nutritional Attributes

Butterlac has the following benefits: Increases energy density of diet to almost three times as much as cereal. Helps get freshly calved cows back into positive energy balance ensuring peak yields. Is the most effective type of fat for increasing butterfat content. Helps with fertility by filling the energy gap in early lactation. Can be incorporated into any feeding system.

Inclusion Rate

Lactating Ewes 30-75 g/ewe/day (based on 75kg body weight)

Storage and Handling

Butterlac C16 is available in either 20kg bags or 1000kg tote bag, pallet weight 1t. Packed product should be stored in a dry place around 20°C under GMP + FSA conditions and protected against direct sunlight. Shelf life 365 days after production date under these storage conditions.
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Product Specification

Dry Matter (%) 100,0
Energy (MJ/kg DM) 39,0


Oil B (% DM) 100,0