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Brewers Grains

Item number: Brewers Grains


The first stage of brewing involves the steeping of malted barley in hot water to extract soluble sugars. The resulting sugary liquid is drained off to be fermented into beer leaving a residue known as Brewers Grains. This nutritious feed material is fibrous and contains concentrated sources of protein and oil from the malted barley. It is moist, pale to mid brown in colour and has a pleasant malty aroma which is palatable to all types of ruminant stock.

Nutritional Attributes

Brewers Grains provides an excellent feed for ruminants and contains a good source of both rumen degradable and digestible undegradable protein. Although often used as a forage extender, it provides valuable nutrients which can also replace concentrate. 4 kg can replace 1 kg of concentrate. As with all feeding stuffs, introduce gradually over a 7-14 day period.

Inclusion Rate

Beef Finisher Feeding 5 kg to ad-lib, up to 50% of the total dry matter intake.

Storage and Handling

Brewers Grains should be ensiled in anaerobic conditions. For further guidance please ask for our Ensiling Moist Feeds fact sheet (Ref: MG1). Bulk Density: 880 - 1000 kg/m3.
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Product Specification

Dry Matter (%) 20 to 24
Crude Protein (% DM) 24,0
Energy (MJ/kg DM) 11,6
Oil B (% DM) 12
Crude Fibre (% DM) 17
Neutral Detergent Fibre (% DM) 63,0
Crude Ash (% DM) 4,0
Starch (% DM) 5,0
Sugar (% DM) 2
Calcium (% DM) 0,33
Phosphorus (% DM) 0,48


Magnesium (% DM) 0,15
Sodium (% DM) 0,07
Salt (% DM) 0,13
Potassium (% DM) 0,15
Copper (mg/kg DM) 10
Manganese (mg/kg DM) 39
Selenium (mg/kg DM) 0,68
Zinc (mg/kg DM) 89
MELK 871
Milk Yield Potential 2

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