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Boosterlac C18

Item number: Boosterlac C18


Boosterlac is exclusive to ForFarmers, an 100% vegetable fat which is a safe and sustainable energy source for ruminants i.e dairy, cattle, goats and sheep to increase milk yield, while also having a positive effect on butterfat yield. Boosterlac supports animal vitality and is palatable and rumen resistant. Produced in the Netherlands, it is made from palm oil, available in micro prills which are free flowing, result in reduction of dust and improve processing and reduce lumping. Boosterlac consists of mostly saturated fatty acids C18 (50%) and C16 (47%) and has a high mettler dropping point (melting point) >58°C, which means it does not interfere with rumen activity and fibre digestion. Boosterlac contains a high proportion of stearic fatty acid (C18:0) which is used to a lesser extent for milk fat synthesis than C16:0, however is believed to have the capacity to spare glucose and to decrease hepatic oxidation, which would lower the accumilation of fat in the liver and hlep support milk yield. Boosterlac is therefore suited to feed during early lactation (DIM<60) and during periods of stress such as when cows are under heat stress or predisposed to acidosis. Boosterlac is produced by refining of crude palm oil so has a neutral smell, better update and palatability in comparison to calcium soap fats. Packaged in 20kg bags.
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