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Barley Distillers Dark Grains

Artikelnummer: Barley Distillers Dark Grains


Barley Distillers Dark Grains is a by-product of alcohol distilling (malt whisky production), obtained by drying solid residues of fermented grain to which certain solubles (pot ale syrup or evaporated spent wash) have been added.


A palatable energy and protein feed with good levels of digestible fibre. A good source of bypass undegradable protein due to heat during the manufacture process although low in starch and sugar due to extraction. They may contain high levels of copper from equipment used during the brewing process, making them unsuitable to feed to sheep.


Dairy Up to 3 kg/head/day


Will have been stored in compliance with MAFF Code of Practice for the Control of Salmonella.
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Productspecificatie (g/kg ds)

Dry Matter (%) 91
Crude Protein (% DM) 23 to 28
Energy (MJ/kg DM) 12.7
Oil B (% DM) 4.5 to 9.1
Crude Fibre (% DM) 8.5 to 13.6
Neutral Digestible Fibre (% DM) 44
Crude Ash (% DM) 6.6
Starch (% DM) 3.4
Sugar (% DM) 1.4
Calcium (% DM) 0.14
Phosphorus (% DM) 0.67
Magnesium (% DM) 0.26


Sodium (% DM) 1.06
Potassium (% DM) 1.1
Copper (mg/kg DM) 12
Manganese (mg/kg DM) 54
Selenium (mg/kg DM) 0.01
Zinc (mg/kg DM) 63.9
MELK 834
Milk Yield Potential 1
TDP 160
Digestible Protein 3
RFC 70
Rumen Health Risk 1