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Commodity Market Report 21st October 2020


  • Prices remain higher week on week due to continued buying from China and Funds increasing their long term position.
  • The market has steadily climbed for the last 6 - 7 weeks and is up around £80 for Nov/Apr and £50 up May/Oct.
  • USDA announced 132 million tonnes of U.S. soybean to an 'unknown' buyer.


  • Availability remains tight with Erith still not up and running.
  • Any surplus is being pulled in from Europe to keep up with demand.
  • Soya markets are continuing to prop up prices.


  • Corn up again this week following the trend. Tight availability until Jan 2020.
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  • Argentinian farmers are still refusing to sell their soya beans. Holding the beans is the farmers only hedge against a devaluing currency.
  • President Fernandez said he would not devalue the Argentine Peso.
  • Home grown sugarbeet prices are still withdrawn due to the uncertain crop size.
  • Imported sugarbeet prices up again by £12 this week as the demand continues and there is a shortage of supply.
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Grain, Maize, Wheatfeed, Biscuit meals and Bread

  • Chinese buying continues to support global grain markets.
  • Concerns continue over the dryness in key grain producing regions. Rain is forecast for southern Russia and the U.S. plains, but will it be enough?
  • On the 8th of October the UK signed a free trade deal with Ukraine, this has the potential to be significant for UK grain imports.
  • This week wheat futures reached the highest point since December 2014.
  • Reportedly Sudan is working to acquire 1 million metric tonnes of wheat through U.S. assistance but details are vague.


  • Nitrate prices have firmed on the international market since the summer and are forecast to continue into Q1, considering UK post Brexit tariff proposals.
  • CF terms are now out and show a reduction back to late summer pricing, due to the lack of take up.
  • Record wheat plantings are forecast as drilling moves closer to completion, suggesting a large N application market.
  • The break-even ratio (cost of N divided bu wheat value in p/kg) is at a long-term low. Historically, this is a clear signal for making nitrogen purchases.
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Forage report


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  • Bare ground after maize harvest?
  • Using a catch or cover crop provides not just additional valuable forage but also prevents leaching of valuable nutrients.


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  • Dry matter losses are avoidable if the maize is stored, clamped and managed correctly to prevent aerobic spoilage.
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Market Prices 21/10/20

All prices Ex Port, subject to change without notice, please ring for quotes.

Weekly Trend

  • £/$ 1.30513 - Sterling up
  • £/Euro 1.18564 - Sterling up
Rapeseed Meal Ex Erith Ex Liverpool
Oct POA 278
Nov 251 267
Dec / Jan 244 261
Feb / Apr 235 241
Hipro Soya Ex Portbury Ex Liverpool
Oct 387 ASA 380
Nov / Apr 378 375
May / Oct 343 337
Soya Hulls Ex Portbury Ex Liverpool
Oct 190 183
Nov / Jan 192 184
Feb / Apr 196 184
Whole Maize Ex Portbury Ex Liverpool
Nov / Apr 205 204
May / Sep 207 207
Wheatfeed Pellets (Midlands)  
Sep POA  
Oct / Apr POA  
Imp Sugarbeet Ex Portbury Ex Liverpool
Oct 204 204
Nov / Apr 204 204
Maize Distillers Ex Portbury Ex Liverpool
Oct 247 POA
Nov / Apr 240 POA
London Wheat Futures   Weekly Trend
Nov '20 188.00 Up
Jan '21 189.00 Up
Mar '21 190.00 Up
May '21 191.00 Up
Jul '21 180.55 Up
Nov '21 161.00 Up


Red = Price Firmer
Green = Price Lower
Black = Price Same

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