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6th December 2023 Commodity Market Report

Improving weather in Brazil and stabilisation of soya crop, but big uncertainty of the damage already done. Crop forecasts range from 151 -170 million tonnes!

Afbeelding: Commodity report exchange rate graph 06-12-23
  • Sterling is slightly weaker against the dollar week-on-week, 0.1 cent versus $.



  • Positive news on Argentinian crop, with plantings at 44% and well ahead of last year.
  • New President, Javier Milei, will remove export and currency hurdles. This will encourage some old crop farmer selling and push up meal supplies Feb-April.
  • US remains the main meal supplier for now, with no competition from Argentina and potential Brazilian harvest delays.


  • Drop in acreage reported for 2024 crop - down 4-7% in Germany and 16% in the UK.
  • Crush margins remain favourable, with good demand for biodiesel as no competition from Argentina.
  • With positive news from Brazil and Argentina, rapemeal will need to compete May onwards.

Maize Distillers

  • U.S ethanol production dips for second consecutive week (-1.2%), mainly as a result of Thanksgiving holidays.
  • U.S barge freight levels drift lower following usual seasonal declines (-$6). Rail demand also lower negatively affecting values.
  • Margins remain positive for U.S producers out into Q1 and ethanol exports very strong.


Palm Kernel

  • Crushers well sold through January. Lower production season looming, so crushers reluctant to sell beyond nearby months.
  • Current production levels very healthy, with positive margins.

Soya Hulls

  • Argentine crush for Q4 significantly down amid low bean supplies and negative margins with domestic beans.
  • Big rebound in production expected for the 2024 Argentine soya bean crop.


  • Potential lack of imports for summer due to lack of demand. This could drive higher technical markets at destination.
  • Winter market controlled by storage to a certain extent, but stocks will need to move in summer when demand is even lower.



  • Hedge funds short of 15.8m tonnes of CBOT wheat, some short covering reported last week.
  • Cheap Russian wheat exports, at record volumes.
  • Cheap Ukrainian wheat entering EU.
  • Stronger Sterling weighs on UK market.


  • UK connecting on occasional barley exports, excluding east coast, but giving limited support.
  • AHDB say UK barley surplus at 1.4 million tonnes, with July-Nov exports at 258k tonnes.
  • EU and UK 2023/24 global barley ending stocks:use ratio tightest since pre-2000.


  • USDA's crop estimate of 129 million tonnes for Brazil looks toppy.
  • Global 2023/24 maize ending stocks excl. China +20 million tonnes year-on-year.


  • Granular urea into Europe has seen some softness, as demand continues to be lacklustre and Sterling firms against the U.S dollar.
  • AN prices continue to remain stable as major fertiliser manufacturers continue to announce plant closures and curtailments across Europe, citing economic reasons.
  • Urea pricing will likely find a floor as spring demand emerges with a rebound now highly likely. 
  • AN price direction is unclear as premiums over alternative nitrogen sources in the UK increase. However, production curtailment will limit supply.
  • Liquid UAN prices are also relatively flat, with spring delivery available and nitrogen and nitrogen sulphur products available.
  • Phosphate prices remain unchanged week-on-week, but some regions have seen drops in DAP and TSP prices. Potash remains stable-weak at present.
  • Given the uncertainty in cropping plans this autumn and the impact this has on the planning of fertiliser requirements/timeliness of purchases. Concerns are growing around the timeliness of deliveries in spring for N-P-K and 0-P-K blends.
  • ForFarmers can offer wide delivery ranges through into spring 2024 on most products.

Performance Products

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  • Data from the 2023 European Harvest Analysis suggests that mycotoxin risk – particularly from small grains, straw, and forages like grass silage and maize silage – is higher than in previous years.
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