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The residue co-products left over from your core manufacturing process carry an intrinsic value as a nutritious animal feed.

Whether your co-product is dry, moist or liquid, our reliable, punctual and flexible co-product collection service has been helping human food and drink producers of all sizes harness this value for over 100 years. 

We strive to deliver the greatest return for your non-core product streams through our experienced sales team and in-house nutrition innovation experts.

We handle dry, moist, liquid products

We handle all co-products

We handle all dry, moist or liquid food and drink co-products and we guarantee that your co-products will be used sustainably; for animal feed or green energy. We have hundreds of UK food and drink producers for example Baxters, The Glenmorangie Company and Manor Vinegar who trust us to responsibly handle their co-products.

The range of co-products

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